inexpensive family get away ?

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      Melissa, are you talking about the Sea World in San Antonio? If so, there
      are plenty of fun things to do there. dh and i went years ago and enjoyed
      their outdoor market and the riverwalk area downtown.

      we didn’t have kids
      with us then, but with a little search on the internet, you’ll be able to
      find things for the kids. san antonio is a fun place. you can also
      research the towns you’ll be driving through and make short stops along the
      way to keep the kids interested.

      i don’t have anything in particular off
      the top of my head, but texas will have lots to do, if you just look. do
      you or someone you know belong to aaa? if so, go get yourself a texas
      tourbook for more ideas.

      going in another direction, branson is lots of fun, especially silver dollar
      city. aaa offers discount tickets there as well, but you have to get them
      in advance. tablerock lake is beautiful, even if it’s too cold to swim, you
      can fish there.

      santa fe, new mexico isn’t too far away. it’s lovely up there. kansas city
      is fairly close and it’s got worlds of fun amusement park too.

      city is nice with frontier city, and the omniplex with a nice science museum
      for the kids. they also have a wonderful permanent display of blown glass
      from dave chihuly at their art museum. downtown has been re-done and is
      called ‘brick town’.

      look into their semi-pro baseball league to see when
      the home games are, they’re pretty cheap to get into.

      i hope all that has helped somewhat.

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