Indoor garden?

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      ok thanks so much!

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      Things like beans, peas, lettuce and cucumbers can be grown in planters (the long skinny kind) on a balcony or up railing. Radishes, too, which are quick. Tomatoes are easy in planter pots, or check your local nursery on on-line catalog for “patio-sized” versions of plants.

      I have blueberries and strawberries and tomatoes and herbs (parsley, chives, basil) in planters and they do very well. There are planters that can hang on railings and face out so they don’t take up the “floor space” of your porch.

      If you want to grow things indoors, you’ll need lots of good light – either a plant light, or south-facing windows.

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      I live in an apartment and want so bad to have a garden even if its
      small so i can feed my family better. the cost of groceries are getting
      way to expensive. is there a way to grow a garden indoors?

      I also have
      a small back porch that i could use but not sure how to go about
      planting and what in. the back porch is big enough for a trash can and
      someone to stand on so not very big.

      Val Coulman
      vcoulman@gmail. com

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