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      > Hello,


      > I live in an apartment and want so bad to have a garden even if its

      > small so i can feed my family better. the cost of groceries are


      > way to expensive. is there a way to grow a garden indoors? I also


      > a small back porch that i could use but not sure how to go about

      > planting and what in. the back porch is big enough for a trash can


      > someone to stand on so not very big.


      How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden:

      Whether you are preparing a gourmet meal for guests, or a quick meal

      on soccer night, absolutely nothing enhances the flavors of food like

      fresh herbs. And what better place to find them than right in your

      own kitchen.

      Not only are herbs flavorful, but many have wonderful medicinal

      properties as well, and have been used for centuries as remedies for

      everything from relaxation and sleep promotion to soothing sore

      throats and relief of asthmatic conditions.

      To Start Growing You Will Need:

      Seeds of your choice, potting soil, empty yogurt cups, labels, pots

      (unglazed clay are best because they allow excess moisture to

      evaporate), small pebbles or marbles for drainage. Plastic bags or

      cling wrap.

      Planting Your Seeds:

      Make small holes in each of the yogurt cups.

      Using slightly moist soil, fill cups to within 3/4″ of the top.

      Place 4-5 seeds in each cup and add enough potting soil so that the

      cups are almost full.

      Lable each cup.

      Pat soil down slightly.

      Place cups on a tray and carefully slide tray into a plastic bag or

      cover with cling wrap, and move to a dark place.

      Check your cups daily. As soon as you see seedlings, take the cups

      out of the plastic and put them on or near a window sill. (south

      facing is best).

      When the first few leaves appear, take the healthiest seedlings to

      transplant in clay pots. ( healthy seedlings are never too long, or

      too straggly).


      After placing a few pebbles or marbles in the bottom of each pot for

      drainage, you can transplant the seedlings into pots using a high

      quality potting soil. I prefer to use one of the commercial brands

      that come with plant food and fertilizers in the mix. These mixes are

      widely available, affordable and very effective.

      Care Of Your Herbs

      Always keep plants moist, but never over water. Over watering can

      lead to root rot and quickly kill the entire plant.

      Spray plants with tepid water every 3-4 days.

      Pick off any straggly runners as close to the base of the plant as

      possible so that your plants stay compact and bushy. It is also

      important too keep an eye on the bottoms of your pots. If you see

      roots in the drainage holes, you will need to transfer the plants to

      larger pots.

      When plants begin to get bushy and more mature: grab your scissors,

      trim, experiment, and enjoy.

      Kelly in IL

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