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      I went back to school full-time last year, and didn’t work after I

      started school. However, in the spring I did a temporary job for a

      little while, as an independent contractor. I understand that you have

      to earn $600 or more with any particular company for them to report

      your income to the the IRS and send you a 1099 form.

      I really don’t remember how much I earned from them…it wasn’t much.

      And I haven’t received the form, which I would have by now. My only

      other income is child support, which is not taxable. My question is, do

      I not need to file a tax return this year? When applying for financial

      help, sometimes they want a copy of your tax return to prove your

      income (or lack thereof). What will I do if I don’t have one from 2007?

      Any tax professionals out there who can answer my questions? I’m afraid

      my accountant will charge me for the phone call if I call him to ask!



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