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      Your form would be a W type form, not a 1099. Those are for money

      withdrawn from things like pensions, retirement funds, etc.

      As an independant contractor, you were the one responsible for

      reporting your earnings and filling out the correct forms. If you

      worked FOR an independant contractor, then you were an employee, and

      would receive forms for it. But as an independant contractor, you

      are hired to do a job (such as if you hired the boy down the block

      to mow your lawn- he is doing a job for you, but not working for


      As for child support, it isn’t taxable that I know of, but it’s

      still supposed to be reported when you file your taxes.

      You would receive a credit for going to school, too, so it might be

      in your best interest to file your taxes, as you will likely get

      something back.

      — In, “pseuzanne” wrote:


      > I went back to school full-time last year, and didn’t work after I

      > started school. However, in the spring I did a temporary job for a

      > little while, as an independent contractor. I understand that you


      > to earn $600 or more with any particular company for them to


      > your income to the the IRS and send you a 1099 form.


      > I really don’t remember how much I earned from them…it wasn’t


      > And I haven’t received the form, which I would have by now. My


      > other income is child support, which is not taxable. My question

      is, do

      > I not need to file a tax return this year? When applying for


      > help, sometimes they want a copy of your tax return to prove your

      > income (or lack thereof). What will I do if I don’t have one from



      > Any tax professionals out there who can answer my questions? I’m


      > my accountant will charge me for the phone call if I call him to



      > Thanks,

      > Suzanne


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