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      I like to add the cooked rice to any cream soup and

      turn a dish into a crockpot casserole. My family loves

      cream of mushroom, chicken and rice mixed together.

      Cook in a crockpot or bake it. Add as many items to it

      you want. You can also make an easy spanish rice when

      you add salsa to the rice while it is cooking. Hope

      this helps. Theres also rice pudding.

      — The Victors <> wrote:

      > I have been blessed with several pounds of white

      > rice. Money is very tight

      > right now, and what little assistance we get no

      > longer goes as far as it

      > once did. I am looking for recipes using the

      > addition of rice without

      > adding a lot of processed and pre-packaged foods. I

      > printed out the how to

      > feed your family….. but with current food prices, I

      > don’t believe the

      > recipes fall under the $$ category, not to mention I

      > have misplaced it and I

      > can not afford to buy ink for my printer to print

      > out another copy. I have

      > spent over $800 in vet bills over the last 4 months,

      > leaving us deeply in

      > dept and our once zero balance credit card maxed out

      > at $4k! My last charge

      > was Dave Ramsey’s Financial peace University so that

      > should help us out.

      > Anyway, back on point, I am going to search the

      > archives and the Budget101

      > site for recipes. I signed up for the newsletter,

      > but I never receive it.

      > If anyone has any recipes to share, please pass them

      > along!




      > Thank you,




      > Melissa V.






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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List in search of recipes using white rice