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      What about pairing it with a yard sale, and selling soda & grilled hot


      One of the towns near us has a huge city wide sale every April, and 3

      or 4 houses always do that, and make a killing on food for people to

      eat. Because it’s also fair weekend, and it’s a tiny town, people will

      walk up and down the streets, and often be very hungry by the time they

      get to the middle section of houses, where they do the food.

      For soda, I’ve -always- done this at yard sales, and always come out

      ahead. Because there is a deposit on carbonated beverages here in

      Michigan, it’s cheaper by $.10 a can to buy non-carbonated beverages-

      lemonades, fruit punches, etc.

      I buy 4-5 12 packs when they are on sale dirt cheap. I won’t pay more

      than $2 for a 12 pack, and I sell them at $.50 a can. Or rather, I have

      the cute little kids sell them at $.50 a can. 4 cans sold, and I made

      back the price of the 12 pack. Some places sell them at $1.00 a can,

      but go for brand name soda’s (coke, pepsi, mt dew, etc), which is more

      expensive to buy, but still, you’re making your money back and then


      Maybe see if 3 or 4 neighbors on your street would like to have a

      street or neighbor hood yard sale. You guys could all pitch in together

      to get it put in the paper, and because there’s several houses all in 1

      area, you are much more likely to get lots of customers.

      Traditionally, bake sales just don’t make much, unless you are a

      phenominal baker who has a great reputation. The cost of supplies for

      making the items, vs the cost of selling it isn’t that different.

      I’d definetly recommend combinig it with a garage sale or something

      else that will draw some customers easier than a small bake sale will.

      And whatever you do, DON’T sell Christmas decorated cakes. I went to a

      bake sale last summer in front of Wal-mart- DEAD of summer, and all the

      cakes were melting, for starters. The frosting was running and

      dripping, which was gross enough. But they used old Christmas

      decorations to decorate the cakes, and made frosting christmas trees,

      etc, for the tops. I’m guessing it was some misguided attempt

      at “Christmas in July”, but it was August, it was 95 out, and it was

      just yucky. 😉

      And of course, they weren’t cheap, either. They wanted more than what

      some local bakeries charge for professionally baked and designed cakes.

      I wasn’t impressed with that one.

      — In, “Kelly” wrote:


      > I need some cheap but different baking recipes. Myself and my sons


      > going to have a bake sale trying to raise enough money to send my

      > parents to Las Vegas for the weekend.

      > We all live in the same house and with my boys in there teens and all

      > there friends always over, and my parents in there 60s they need a

      > break.

      > I have a few idea’s on things to make but would like more.

      > The bake sale wont be until the end of next month so I have some

      > time…I just dont want the recipes to cost so much and then I wont

      > make enough to send them.

      > If anyone can help out that would be great!!!!


      > Thank you,

      > Kelly in IL


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