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      Try these links:
      There must be a bunch of websites for hypoglycemia, but I haven’t searched
      for them. The above sites are for special diets for kids and sites that
      sell products that are sugar free or yeast free or gluten free,etc.
      I am pretty sure I have had undiagnosed hypoglycemia for years. I try to
      collect cookbooks that are for diabetics, though I find I have to adapt them
      to be even more carb. free. I also have copies of the Atkins Diet Cookbook,
      the South Beach Diet Cookbook, and anything I can find that has recipes for
      carb. free food. I just like to have as many resources as I can and
      sometimes I have to adapt them to be totally carb and sugar free.
      Oh, I also have The Low Blood Sugar Cookbook and The Low Blood Sugar
      Handbook both by Edward A. Krimmel and Patricia A. Krimmel; they are
      excellent books.
      Here are a few more titles:

      -“Special Diets for Special Kids” by Lisa Lewis
      -“The Yeast Connection Cookbook” by William Crook
      -“The Specific Carbohydrate Diet” by Elaine Gottschall

      Hope some of this helps,
      Patty T

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