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      — In, “laura_duet”
      > I would like to say hello! I am new to this group and I need some
      > sound advice. I work hard to pay my bills, but my husband and I
      > have accumulated a large amount of credit card debt over the last
      > few years. Unfortunately, his income as a musician does not appear
      > on our credit reports, so most creditors look at our debt to income
      > ratio and refuse to help us. I pay all bills on time, but we
      > have anything left over when he’s not touring with the band. Our
      > credit card debt is right at $20,000. I am not looking for a quick
      > way out- I would just like to be able to get all (or most) of my
      > debt consolidated to one payment with a descent rate and not get
      > ripped off or end up with poor credit marks. Does anyone out there
      > have any advice???? Thanks in advance!!

      go to a search engine like google or something and type in
      consolidate bills. That should help you


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