In honor of all those coffee drinkers …what does your Mug say about you?

Board Rules & Regs Rules & Regs! In honor of all those coffee drinkers …what does your Mug say about you?

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      I was reading the info on the National Coffee Day being today, and it sent me off to the what do my favorite cups say:

      The one I use EVERY morning was a gift I gave to my Mom when I was about 17. She used it everyday for a very long time. When my daughter reached adulthood she gifted it back to me.

      it says: with a daughter like me how could you go wrong mom?

      my plan is (if it survives me) to pass down to my daughter, who happens to be, a lot like me, and happens to have a daughter, a lot like her.

      happy national coffee day coffeebath smilie

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      Mine says “Coffee Makes Me Poop” lol- it was a gift, I didn’t buy it!

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      My favorite mug is the one I gave my husband for Valentine’s Day before we were married. I bought him what I liked, usually a good rule of thumb when buying gifts, but this one he lets me use. 🙂

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      Hmmm…not sure. Probably high maintenance. lol
      ((My favorite mug is a ‘Joe Muggs” thermal cup with a handle.

      There’s 4 of them running around here…))

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      I just saw a set that I want, one says “Mr Nerd” and the other says ” Mrs Nerd”. Those may appear in our stockings this Christmas!

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      Easy one, here! My favorite mug is one that carries a picture of a B25 (for those MANY of you younger generation, the B25 was a WWII bomber). My hubby bought it for me about 10 years ago as a remembrance of the flight on a B25 that he had just given me for my birthday.

      With a history such as his (His dad fought in wwii, his mom was a “rosie the riveter”) and being a usaf vet himself, we try to get to see any of the old birds, whenever we can. i love this mug and my guy!

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      I received a Coffee Mug from a friend, many years ago and I use it almost daily. It has a cute Teddy Bear on it and it reads: “Hug me, I hug back.” I think of the friend who gave it to me, each time I take it out of my cupboard.

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      My favorites say Mr. Right on his and Mrs. Right on hers.

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      My favorite mug actually says nothing. It’s the biggest mug in the cabinet!! This way I don’t have to refill it as often.

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      I’m not sure what my coffee cups say about me. Maybe that I love my kids? One of my favorites is a black cup with gold writing our son gifted us after graduating college.

      Another is blue and white with various sized and colored polka dots our daughter gave me for Mother’s Day. Each cup in my cupboard has a memory attached.

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      I wish I had one with a picture of a crow or possum on it! I might have to get some made. Don’t the photo places do that?

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Board Rules & Regs Rules & Regs! In honor of all those coffee drinkers …what does your Mug say about you?