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      Now I realize everyone has different opinions on this, so please lets not fight as I am only stating my personal opinion. But as I am reading all the negativity towards chore-based allowence, and comments about “creating kids who will only clean for money”, I feel compelled to respond.

      We firmly believe in paying kids an allowence, and yes it’s chore based. Here is our reasoning: EVERYONE in the family works for money. Dad goes out to his job, I pay bills/do major household cleaning/manage the menus/play chauffeur etc., and the kids keep their stuff tidy, care for the pets, help with family chores and go to school.

      Everyone in our house does their part – everyone gets a piece of the family money.

      I think that children need to realize that in the real world money doesn’t fall off trees and no one is just going to hand them money because their cute. You work – you earn money. Period.

      A young, pre-16yr old cannot get a real job so they need to learn work ethic around the home by doing chores. If they get done, they get paid. If they don’t, no money.

      Not even when all their friends are going to the movies. Not even if they are the only one not buying a souvenier at Disney. No work, no money.

      An allowence tied to work gives a sense of accomplishment. It is tangible as in “I do A I get B”. It becomes a decision that they are responsible for and I am a huge advocate of personal responsibility.

      an allowence that is given “just because” has no deeper meaning to a child, requires no personal responsibility, and often times gives children the impression that they are somehow deserving just for “being”. likewise, no set allowence at all and just being given money anytime they want to buy something teaches no lesson either and fosters no concept of the value of money.

      frankly, i really think it would be a rarity for a kid to only clean for money when they grow up just because they received an allowence to do it as kids. a child who grows up, moves out on his/her own, and says “gosh, no one is going to pay me to keep my house clean so i won’t do it” has way more immaturity issues than just having been given an allowence.

      it makes my kids at 6 & 9 crazy to have messy rooms because they are used to living in a tidy space that was encouraged by the chore/allowence system. And if I ask my kids to unstack the dishes, they have never once asked if I would give them extra money for doing it. It would never cross their minds any more than it would cross my mind to charge them for doing their laundry.

      Both girls already have a very basic written budget as to what they want to do with their money as far as spending, saving and giving. My 9yr old is already thinking car, my little one wants to go to a waterpark as long term goals. They have money set aside for family birthday gifts.

      They bring their money to church on Sundays and carry around little wallets at Christmas when the bell ringers are out.

      So please, before you automatically pooh-pooh chore-based allowence and stereo typing it as parents creating children who will only clean for money, please remember that there are many, many benefits to this type of allowence, whether or not it is right for your own family.

      Monica in IL

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children In defense of chore based allowance . . .