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      Re: : Re: In defense of chore based allowence…

      We can go on and on about chores and to or not to get money for it. I have read all of the e-mails that were sent and we all agree to disagree about this topic. We come from different walks of life with different ideas how we raise our children.

      I for one never believed in paying for chores neither did my mom. If they did something nice and it was hard work and time consuming I did give them money. They also, like myself, using family money have received items that were not a part of a holiday or b-day gift.

      If we were out shopping and they sew something that was on sale and wanted it, not needed it and we had extra cash for it we bought it for them. What I have noticed that children will use the allowance on useless things just because it is their money. So what is ok with one might not be ok with another person.

      So lets just stop at that and mabi pick another subject.

      Thank you,

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