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      Re: : Re: In defense of chore based allowence…

      Hi. Thanks for the compliment.

      I started my girls on chore based allowence sometime between 2.5 & 3yrs. About the time they started to notice those candy machines in the front of the grocery stores 😉 I gave them a quarter everytime they picked up their toys without an argument and a little purse to keep them in.

      Then, if they were very good in the grocery store and they had enough quarters, they could get something on the way out. The best was places like Walmart that mechanical rides! Boy, I could shop for hours if they knew they’d get that lol!

      seriously, though, the key at that age was paying them daily because they would totally forget what they had or hadn’t done at the end of the week.

      instant gratification so to speak.

      have a great day!
      monica in il

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