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      Wow, Monica. Sounds like you are going to have to very well rounded girls that will grow up with a great deal of values in life. I myself have 2 daughters (9 & 2).

      I tried to do the whole allowance thing for a while and didn’t tie it to chores (because of the feedback I had gotten that it was the wrong thing to do). Well, it has been a disaster. My 9 yr.

      old has grown up thinking she really doesn’t have any responsibility as part of the family unit and just “expects” her allowance each week. She is one of those children that ask “how much will you pay me” if she’s asked to do something (even clean her room). It then turns into a power struggle.

      DH & I decided that we weren’t teaching her any life lessons using this method so we are in the process of changing years of bad habits. We bought her a bank that tracks her spending money, savings & giving. She has always made sure she brought her money to church each week and always gives more than her 10%.

      She is a very kind, loving, child of God but has no concept of working for what you want. Which is how our world operates (we aren’t rich), weather it be working for someone, having your own business, missions, etc. It’s the whole saving part (for things she wants) that is the challenge.

      She just thinks “mom or dad will buy it”. We will do it different w/ our 2 yr. old.

      I know there are many opinions in this area and this is just mine. But we did it one way w/ our oldest and it hasn’t worked so what do we have to loose trying it a different way the second time around. I applaud you for speaking up and sharing your story, it has further inspired me to stick to our commitment to change.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children In defense of chore based allowance . . .