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      Does anyone know some special ingredients that can be added to cake from
      a mix to make it extra yummy? We are going to have some cupcakes for my
      daughter’s birthday and I thought I had heard there was something or
      somethings you could add for moisture or something. TIA


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      I always add the pudding mix – once or twice I have even added cream cheese 🙂

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      You can check here too… a post from a while back on the same topic. there might be some different answers on there.


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      I know that this is an old thread, but I have a few ideas to add:

      When using anything chocolate that is boxed, I add the following to make it taste pretty darn delicious, rather than boring.

      1) Always use 1/8th of a cup extra oil
      2) Always add 1 tsp instant or 2 Tablespoons of already made coffee. It brings out the chocolate flavour.
      3) Always add 1/2 tsp of almond extract. This here I learned from my mother in law, it adds such a rich and delicious flavour..

      almost cherry-like.
      4) Always cool slightly and freeze. For some reason freezing does something to cake. It makes it moist and easy to work with.

      And as has been mentioned, frosting the cakes (straight out of the freezer) is the best!

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      When I make a box chocolate cake I add one can of coconut pecan frosting to the cake mix, it is so moist and delish without being crumbles. You can actually do this with any matching cake and frosting but this one is especially AMAZING!

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      The tip I was given by an expert is that you do not overbeat the cake. If the directions say to beat on medium high for two minutes I do it for one and a half to 1 3/4 minutes. The other tip is not to over bake your cake.

      Frequently check your cake at the end to be sure that you pull it out just as it is done. Most cake mixes require oil now to make them more moist.

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      I have heard of many things to add, one woman I know makes the best cakes by adding wine, I cannot remember how much, sorry, but her cakes are awesome and do not require frosting! For adults that is, I know with kids they want frosting no matter what. Also have heard of adding mayonnaise, and since I see some people add extra oil or egg yolks, sounds like something that would work, again don’t know how much, sorry.

      If you have a liquor that you love the flavor of, you can add it to the mix as the alcohol all burns off, but the flavor remains. Just thought of something else as well—-have seen people add some of their favorite candy bars in, all broken into small pieces. Bet the kids would love that!

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      That sounds absolutely delicious! I am definitely going to do that this weekend!eat-1 smilie

      This sounds absolutely amazing! I’m definitely making this over the weekend!2lbkos0 smilie
      (If you get this twice I apologize. It didn’t show for me so I sent it again…)

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      For my mom’s birthday I bought a boxed strawberry flavoured mix. To this I added a package of vanilla pudding. I know you can buy mixes with pudding in it, but I chose to do it on my own.

      The cake turned out so super moist, simply delicious. I do believe next summer I am going to try the same mix, but with banana pudding in it.

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      Add a box of instant pudding to the mix, make it more moist.

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      I like to substitute the Oil with applesauce they change over in equal parts on the measurements & add a small box of pudding mix into the batter.

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      I love all these suggestions! The Banana really sounds delicious. I’ve heard about the applesauce thing but I have never tried it yet.

      I am definitely going to try it this holiday season even if it’s just for me! Lol!!!

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      One of my favorite things to add to cake mix is: instead of water and oil add applesauce. This can make it moist and if doing a spice cake add nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks improve a cake mix ?