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      Ima a newbie smiley-char026 smilie from Allegan, Michigan. I stumbled on this site to get a recipe for unstuffed cabbage. There are so many things here that I knew would interest me. It took me maybe 15 min. to get registered and become a newbie. I can’t wait to go exploring & see what I can find and what I can contribute. See you all around. balloony  smilie

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      Welcome to I hope you enjoy the site as much as I have. If you want some quick tips check out the ‘Begin Here’ tab located on the green navigation bar. It tells all the difference sections of the site & makes it easier to find things quickly. :5:

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      Hello, I’m a newbie too. I’ve been exploring and trying to learn everything I can today, this site has so much to keep you interested. Loving it so far

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