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      Well, going insane *is* part of the process 🙂 Seriously though, how people make
      it through the trying teen years is often a matter of attitude and the
      relationship that they’ve developed with their teenagers over the years.

      My first two children, daughters, weren’t a whole bunch of trouble but my son
      who is now 21 made up for it big time. He was in a lot of trouble with drugs,
      drinking, friends who were doing the same things. I tried everything when I
      realized that he was having problems, including pulling my hair out….but I
      will tell you the biggest secrect of all in dealing with troubled teens….

      WANT your help no matter what they say and they are counting on your to help
      them or find help for them.

      My son finally went into a residential treatment center for drug use and told me
      later on that he *was* ready for the help but didn’t know how to ask and wasn’t
      sure if he’d be strong enough to deal with the process of getting better. He
      went into the center at the age of 16 and lived in the facility and went to
      school there for 9 months. I’m soooooo very proud to say that at 21 he is still
      drug free and doesn’t drink or smoke.

      He’s gained a pride in himself that I’m
      still not sure where it came from. He had a lot of family support, group
      support, and he now does public speaking engagements on the topic teens/drug use
      and has recieved several awards… even from his school district for a Turn
      Around Achievement Award.

      I’m happy that he’s able to reach out and touch others
      and he does so in many ways. He also mentors a young boy that lives near by who
      lives with his alcholic parents.

      Have faith and prepare for hard work for both you and your child and you will be
      very proud of them one day. When I meet someone who’s met my son who then tells
      me that they’re so encouraged to meet such a polite, caring person…. i know
      that our hard work paid off.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Im Having trouble with my teen!