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      I have two daughter, my oldest is 25 now. I did have a little problem with her in her teenage years. But, nothing major, I can home early from work one eveing and caught her in the bed with her teenage boyfriend.

      She threat too leave home after I grounded her from driving for a month and no telephone. She was 16 at the time. She, did leave and I told her she was welcome to leave, and that I would not stop her.

      She left and went to her teenage boyfriend home. His mother sent her back home clothes and all. But thank God I put her on birth control pills when she was 15.

      She went on and finish high school, and later went to trade scool. I could not get her to go to college no matter how I begged and pleaded. But she was consider grown.

      but turned out to be a pretty good kid.

      My problem now is, I have a 16yrs old girl here at home with me. She ran away from home when she was 15yrs. We found her with a 23 year old man.

      I had him arrested. She never spoke to me for about 2 weeks. She kept threating to run away from home again when ever I punish her for like talking back, not doing her chore, hitting her brothers, etc.

      So I finally was fed up with her threat. This is what I told her, “You keep threating too run away from home and you say this all the time.There is a lot happen to these girls today. They are being kidnapped, rape, and even killed.

      So if you don’t come home one day, I am just going to assume you ran away from home. I am not even going to bother to look for you. But in reality, something really bad could have happen to you.

      And, when I report you missing I am going to tell the police you have constantly said you are going to run away from home.”
      I have never heard her say that again. She is in high school and doing very well now. And, one good thing about her is that she love school.

      I hope my story was not too long.

      My point is this, you do the very best for your kids, and you do what is right in your heart. And , if, they go out and do wrong at least you will have a clear conscience.

      I hope this help you.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Im Having trouble with my teen!