Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Cooking for Two idea to cook these

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      I was wondering what to do with all these
      I never cook with such limited amount of food before :043:
      so suggestion would be great

      Today i got afew celery, califlower, cucumber, baby tomato, celento

      I have left over beef, some pork, fish

      any idea

      I am a college student so any easy cooking recipe would be greatly appreciated

      I try to run on free food

      K thank for the reply



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      Sounds like it would make a great salad if you have oil & vinegar for a dressing.

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      need more info please — how much fish, what kind, and is it already cooked? what is celento? making soup with the beef, celery, and cauliflower comes to mind, but I’ll come back to that when you give me some more info;-)

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      I had hot dogs, mac n cheese, beans alot after I had spent too much on fast food!! I learned the hard way!! Good Luck!!

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      sounds like a good stir fry – with a cucumbers and vinegar salad on the side

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      do you have a package of ramen? cook without the pack of seasoning .. after draining use 1/2 or less of the seasoning pack mix well

      take some of your meat beef or pork add the veggies and you have a meal

      do you have even a slice of bread? if so tear up, add some water/milk (egg if you have) add your fish to this and make a fish patty .. cook serve with the veggies

      I remember living on ketchup soup (I hate ketchup even then) .. 1 small pizza (6 slices was my meals for a week when dh was gone on deployments, 7th day I didn’t eat


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      hmm… i just finished college and am in grad school now but always lived at home during undergrad. But lets see…

      I tended to cook things that were easy to make since I had limited time, like mac & cheese, frozen pizzas, rice mixes, etc.

      But another thing I loved to do when I didnt have energy to cook but did have time to spare (like when studying) was to throw in the toaster oven either salmon or a chicken breast with some sauce on top (teriyaki or bbq – bought from the store in a bottle) and let it bake for 20 minutes (salmon) or 30 for the chicken, until ready. It’s fast & easy and healthy too.

      With those veggies, I’d stir fry them in a skillet and add teriyaki sauce to it. 🙂 Or you could add seasonings and cheese. You could add whatever meat you want by cutting it up into small squares so it cooks faster too.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Cooking for Two idea to cook these