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      Iced tea is pretty easy, actually. There are several ways you can make it.

      One way is to brew your tea double or triple strength, oversweeten with sugar,
      and then dilute with cold water to taste.

      Another is to fill a large glass jar with cold water, add several tea bags,
      cover tightly, and place in direct sun for a day.

      You can experiment with different kinds of tea, herbal teas, fruit teas, and so
      on. Not every kind of tea is good cold; the most popular
      ones in the US tend to be pekoe blends. (I’m not sure I want to think of iced
      Earl Grey tea.


      Another personal favorite (and very cheap) summer beverage is sekanjabin:

      Dissolve 4 cups sugar in 2 1/2 cups of water; when it comes to a boil add 1 cup
      wine vinegar. Simmer 1/2 hour. Add a handful of mint,
      remove from fire, let cool.

      Dilute the resulting syrup to taste with ice water
      (5 to 10 parts water to 1 part syrup). The syrup stores
      without refrigeration.

      The simmering is important, as it drives the acetic acid out of the vinegar and
      keeps it from being too tart. It’s very pleasant and
      refreshing, something like lemonade, only minty.

      Out of curiosity, where in NZ are you? I spent several months there, many years



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