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      The iBooks – Apple Inc. App has been provided to you by Budget101.com

      Apple Inc.

      Genre: Books
      Price: Free
      Release Date: April 01, 2010

      iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books. iBooks includes the iBookstore, where you can download the latest best-selling books or your favorite classics – day or night. Browse your library on a beautiful bookshelf, tap a book to open it, flip through pages with a swipe or a tap, and bookmark or add notes to your favorite passages.


      • Enjoy a complimentary copy of the beautifully illustrated classic, Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne.
      • Download many of your favorite books from the included iBookstore.
      • Read a free sample of any book on the iBookstore before making it a part of your collection.
      • Reorder your books on your bookshelf or browse them in a list sorted by title, author, or category.
      • Easily adjust your screen brightness to find the perfect lighting for any environment.
      • Change the font size and pick from six included type faces to make your books more comfortable to read.
      • Find a word, character, or phrase anywhere in your book with the built-in search feature.
      • Keep your bookmarks, notes, and your current page wirelessly in sync between iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with the new automatic bookmark syncing feature.
      • Quickly find a specific page using the page navigator at the bottom of every page.
      • Read your books on white or sepia colored pages.
      • Choose left or fully justified text layout from Settings.
      • Highlight your favorite passages and add notes with the built-in bookmarking features.
      • Add books in the industry-standard ePub electronic book format to iTunes and sync them to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
      • Add PDF documents to iBooks from Mail, or add them to iTunes and sync them to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
      • Use iBooks with the amazing accessibility features in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch – such as speaking the words on a given page.


      • iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch (2nd generation), or iPod touch (3rd generation) is required to use iBooks.
      • iPhone or iPod touch must have iOS 4 to use iBooks.
      • The iBookstore is available in many countries. The selection of books in the iBookstore may vary by country.
      • An iTunes Store account is required to download from the iBookstore.
      • Automatic bookmark syncing requires your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch have an active Wi-Fi or cellular data connection and an iTunes Store account.
      • iBooks only opens books published in the ePub electronic book format or documents in the PDF format.
      • To add ePub books from outside the iBookstore to iBooks, they must be DRM-free and synced to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using iTunes 9.2 or later.
      • Some PDF documents may not be compatible with iBooks.
      © 2010

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Free Apps iBooks – Apple Inc.