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      I won the slow cooker trio. I think it is the same as the superbowl challenge. The box was huge, and a sticker on the front said ‘heavy’.

      They were not kidding. It was a huge box, My husband had to help carry it in the house.

      I have my menu planned out for tomorrow. I am going to make a chili dip, and Italian meatballs, and mini hotdogs in BBQ sauce.

      I am so excited I wish the meat could thaw faster so I can make my self today. We may make this a weekend tradition to sit and eat like this through the rest of the winter.

      The Crocks are 2.5 quarts, they are the perfect size for appetizers and finger foods. My kids love to snack on food that can be eaten with toothpicks.

      The lids attach to the side so you don’t have that extra hassle of lids laying around. You can use one, two or all 3. they have different temp controls low, high and warm.

      The best part is, My main crock pot that is 9 quarts and used 4-6 days each week is the same brand, same design and they fit right next to each other on the cabinet.

      I think this will be a plus to fix dinner and side dishes all at the same time.

      Make sure you hurry over to the Superbowl challenge, you will only be sorry if you don’t give yourself a chance to win.

      Thank you again Liss, You do gift nice prizes.

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      I’m so glad you’re enjoying your new cooker! It works fantastic for various dips during parties, or if you happen to like making candies or dipping chocolate, you can fill one of them with hot water, add mason jars full of chocolate chips (in different flavors) for melting chocolate quickly without the hassle of constantly stirring and checking the temp.

      I received one as a gift and I love it. We even take it camping when we have a big crew joining us. It keeps everything hot and ready and easy to clean.

      beaverhug smilie Thanks for playing in our Challenges!


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      Oh wow! Congratulation.

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      Melting chocolate is a wonderful idea. I never thought of doing that. My kids would think I am the best mom ever.

      I will give you credit for the idea. 😉 I am going to get a can of sweetened condensed milk and make caramel for apples…or a spoon. The meatball recipe that came in the booklet is probably one of the best meatball recipes I have made.

      I am been downloading crockpot cookbooks(like I need more) from amazon to get ideas. My husband and I are going to try and make 3 meals at once. That way we can cook every 2 nights.

      I hope the other people that have won one of these enjoy is as much as we do.

      Thanks again.


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      Thank you freebiefan. 🙂

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Stuff I’d Like to See General I WON!