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      I want to turn the main part of my home into an Americana decor theme. I have almost nothing to start with, except for wicker baskets which I have used in kitchen decor for quite some time, which I intend to spray-paint in Americana colors (dusty red, dusty blue, cream/khaki colors) and may lace some with ribbons. I hang these on my walls.

      I am also making a denim braided rug that will tie in nicely.

      Have other ideas? Cheap crafts I can make myself? Little touches I can look for in the thrift stores? I know what I want, but I am not good at putting it to work for me.

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      What about old calenders or something where you can find pictures of americana themed stuff. You can recycle some of your old artwork by putting new pictures in them. Thrift stores or garage sales would be a great place to look too.

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      If this is an entry way continue the look outside, hang a flag (properly), include the red white and blue theme into the front yard florals.

      If you have pictures of family members in uniform copy them and put into frames.

      Consider putting up some quotes on the walls or in picture frames

      Check around for a quilt to tie into the colour theme, chances are there are at least a few ‘cheater’ quilts at local fabric store to choose from.

      Do you have a geneology tree? Post it on the wall, add in pics from the first ones to make it to America (if you don’t have any – check in web search lots from Ellis Island etc)

      I wouldn’t paint the walls red or blue because its a bear to cover later .. Try a light cream .. If you want to increase the colour load stencil a design on the walls – 5 pt stars with quotes in between would work well ..

      If you are near the ocean, sailors and Navy items may be appropriate to add in .. try roping detail as trim or stencil

      Quilt a prim flag, sew hearts from R/W/B mixed fabrics, if there is any seating make a pillow and applique a star

      When we ride on the memorial trips for returning soldiers (either dead or alive) I made up ribbons for the riders .. I used the yellow and red combo designating those we were waiting for as well as those that have contributed their all.

      gotta boogie – freecycle pickup for concrete blocks YEAHH


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      Wow! Great ideas! Painting the walls is out anyway, because we’ll live on post in 8 weeks, and sailor decor is out, as that is a major faux pas when you’re in the Army 😉 but the other ideas are wonderful. Love the idea of continuing the motif in the front yard. Red, white, and blue flowers are easy enough to do! 🙂 Thank you for your ideas!

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      On base we use to use real starch on fabric and ‘glue to walls’ this came down pretty easily and you just wiped the walls afterwards ..

      Not sure if they have changed the formulas of starch …FIRST I would wash the fabric first to make sure it doesn’t bleed .. then cut small piece and put in a closet let sit for a week or 2 then pull ..

      cut strips for border .. if you can afford molding get some screen molding (its usually the cheapest) its about 3/4 inch wide and has some small detailing on it .. paint or stain .. use the smallest finishing nail you can (brads will work) if the molding is straight (no warp) you don’t need many nails .. the holes will be tiny too for move out .. if you want to stain it and are tight on money (gee who isn’t? in the military) water down craft paint .. or use liquid shoe polish (the brown with a top wipe down of black looks good – let the brown sit for a while, then quick coat and wipe with the black)

      I have also used sections of wall paper just put on wall (no glue) with molding frame .. Unless regs have changed on base housing you can have any colour as long as its white/off white

      Ask housing office for touch up paint (with luck they’ll have it) put away til you move out … finger patch (stick finger in plaster rub til smooth) and touch up paint and inspection should not be an issue .. If something happens to the walls you can take the touch up to local paint store and match it if needed

      check with housing office about flowers some bases are real pains about it ..

      use over the door wreath hangar to hang stars or other items on doors or shutters ..

      Most metal doors have wood center in door you can thumbtack and drop fishing line to hang items (This works if the hangars are NOT allowed) .. Items on doors may scratch the door – make sure the back is softened up – glue gun blobs on back of stuff create a barrier and help prevent scratches from movement.

      Consider making a cement walk stone with squadron etc info .. If you paint try copying mascot etc

      I’m ex=AF brat married to Navy LOL so I get the Navy/Army etc piece.


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      Wow, more great ideas! 🙂 Thanks!!!

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      I found this neat site to help me choose the color schemes I want in rooms at Home Decorating Ideas, Kitchen Designs, Paint Colors – House Beautiful or Gray House – Bilhuber – Pennsylvania – House Beautiful
      BTW, the colors you plan to use are the same I’m using; am painting my old wooden kitchen cabinets a cream color.
      Good luck!

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      DohDohBird, can you post a picture of the baskets? I’m trying to visualize them. They sound cute! Goodwill is a terrific spot to get wicker baskets of any size or shape. I bought two really unique ones for less than 3 bucks a piece!!

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