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      I don’t know of any full-time jobs with benefits that you can do at home 100% of

      the time.

      As a single mother of 2, you will surely qualify for some kinds of assistance.

      Call your local United Way or social services agency. Explain your situation

      and tell them that you need help for you and your kids. They may want different

      types of documentation, so take notes when you call.


      “Opportunity may knock once on your door. Temptation leans against the

      doorbell.” – Unknown

      “Never believe you don’t have what it takes.”

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      Date: Monday, June 30, 2008, 2:11 PM

      I am a newly divorced mom of two and just lost my job last week. I

      need some kinda income coming in and also need benefits. Does anyone

      know of any really low cost insurance plans or programs that are out

      there??? Also I would love to know what some folks do for a living and

      that allows them to be at home all the time. I need money coming in asap.

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