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Weight Loss on a Budget Fit Buddies I Need a Buddy!

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      Arggghhh, the holidays are almost here and I’ve already started gaining weight this fall. I got on the wii fit last night and was shocked to discover that it had been 658 days since I’d used it.

      I dont want to balloon up over the holidays & I thought if I could work out everyday, I could lose some weight and still enjoy the holidays.

      I’m looking for a wii fit buddy to help stay motivated, any takers?

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      Hi. Have you found your buddy yet? Christmas is over and there is still lots of good food in the house.

      I have to get back to my Wii and healthy eating. I’d love to have a buddy! especially a Wii fit buddy.

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      I don’t have a wii yet? I want to get a wii fit though.

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      I got my Wii almost 2 years ago, and have put over 350 hours on it. amazing. I found that I could never get to a gym even if I had a paid membership.

      no time before work, too tired after work, too lazy after dinner. So with wii I could get up early and work out in my pj’s.

      I was dedicated for a long time, and then slowly did less and ate more, so gained back the 15 lb I had lost…. so now I’m back on track but with 20 lb to go. dumb.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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Weight Loss on a Budget Fit Buddies I Need a Buddy!