I just lost my job and

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      Hi, I’m usually a lurker here, but I also lost my job (in December)

      and want to suggest that you network! It’s not just for high-powered

      executive types. I just got a new job (start next week) because 2

      former coworkers referred me to the company they work for. I didn’t

      even need to apply–the company called me, I went in for an

      interview, and had an offer the next day! All because I made sure

      everyone I knew had my contact info.

      Make a list of EVERYONE you know–old co-workers, friends, the

      mailman, everyone who knows you by name. Find as many of their emails

      or phone numbers as you can and just let them know that you are out

      of work and looking for a new job, adding a short sentence about what

      exactly your ideal job would be or what your qualifications are. Make

      sure they have your email and phone number. Someone may see a good

      opportunity for you or be able to help.

      Good luck!

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