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      Howdy Y’all
      not sure if I am doing this right or not, but here goes. I am a recently divorced 50yr old that has already a a severe stroke. The one person that has ever told me that the best compliment they ever received was from me.

      And it was my grandmother who passed away 2 yrs ago. The compliment went something like this “whatever my grandmother wants and she does not have she makes it herself.” I have learned a lot of my frugal ways from her but I have also taught her a lot while she was still with us.

      One day my grandmother and I were having sweet n sour pork for lunch at a local diner. Grandmother said “I wish they would sell me some of their sweet n sour sauce. I would really like to have some from time to time.

      I could freeze it and use when I want some sweet n sour pork.” I told her i know how to make sweet n sour sauce. Grandmother said she has had several recipes for it but it is always the brown sauce not the lovely red sauce that is served in restaurants (the kind she likes best).

      I told her the kind I know how to make is the red sauce. So of we go to the white elephant (a second hand store) to buy a large stock pot, then the grocery store for the ingredients. We spent the next two days making and canning sweet and sour sauce.

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      Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, UrGonnaLuvThis! Good to have you here. Enjoy!

      Any questions, just ask. Please share your Sweet and Sour Red Sauce with us. Thanks; Virginia

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie Intro’s I hope this works