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      Yesterday, my husband was at our local hardware store to grab up some pallets (with permission) to build my pantry and raised beds. He was spotted by a neighbor who asked what he was up to. Hubby told him and he responded with ” Oh no, no – Come here first.”

      He opened up his garage to reveal two stacks of shelving wood left by the previous owners and told him to please get it out of his garage! So, he has space for his kids bikes and I have a new pantry. Plus today we’re making raised beds for us and the same neighbor who gifted us with the wood 🙂 I am SO excited!!

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      That’s awesome. Glad your neighbor was there. You saved money and helped our your neighbor at the same time.

      Enjoy your pantry.

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      Thought is great..wish I could get some raised flower beds made here. We just moved to this house, remodeled the inside…so the yar will be next years prodject.

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      Congrats on the pantry. I was just telling my better half when we buy our house it’s going to have a pantry, he agrrees a walk in one.Our kitchen is small, so cupboard space is limited. Any tips are welcomed.

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      Jealous! Would love a bigger pantry!

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      My pantry is small but has been a life saver. Have fun stocking up!!

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      I cannot wait to move. My new place has a small pantry in the kitchen but I will have a garage!!! Oh, the stockpiling opportunities!!

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      I have a whole basement I could use as a pantry. Just learning all this stuff so I guess I will figure out how to organize me a “pantry”.

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