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      That is why we do therapeutic foster care. We get a higher stipend for

      ‘difficulty of care’. A lot depends on your state’s laws. We’ve fostered in a

      couple of states if you have questions, you can email me privately. We make

      enough for me to stay home and provide the quality of care that these kids need.

      We do medically fragile now, but we used to do behaviorial disorders. As far as

      I’m concerned, every child that comes into foster care should receive the

      services that they receive at therapeutic level. We also foster through a

      private agency that takes state kids. I’d never foster directly through the

      state. A private agency provides a bumper and you get more support. State

      workers, unfortunately, are overworked. But, you are right when you say hard

      work and sometimes heartache. We’ve also received a lot of joy. We’ve adopted

      2 kids, now 30 and 11.

      Roxanne McLain

      Healthy Living Advocate

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      From: Suzi McMullen

      Subject: Re: Budget101.com : I got news

      Yeah, but it’s anything BUT a windfall. It’s actually hard work, pain,

      heartache sometimes.

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