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      That was how my friends got into it – their bio daughter kept bringing home

      strays. The standing joke was that some kids bring home stray pets…. their

      daughter brought home stray children. They raised / adopted three that

      way. I was there one day when she brought home one Mexican girl with

      special needs and said “Can we keep her? She has to go back to the

      orphanage…” With the big pretty eyes and Maria’s “Gotta love me”

      personality – what could they say?

      She grew up fine and fairly well-adjusted… but we were worried sometimes.

      Those parents had infinite patience…..

      On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 8:57 AM, Pj <> wrote:

      > Actually, that’s how we got into fostering.


      > We are a his, mine and theirs family. So when we got married, we hadn’t

      > planned to have any more kids. Then we decided that it would be a blessing

      > to raise children together, but we couldn’t have any together.


      > One day my 4th grader (now 9th grader) came home from school bummed out

      > because one of his friends in class was moving. He was a foster child who

      > was moving to an adoptive home out of town. 4th grader asked “how come we

      > can’t do something like that?”

      > That’s how it started.


      > I have 3 bio kids still at home fulltime, and 5 foster kids that we are

      > hoping to adopt. The kids have been very accepting of the foster kids. It

      > has also got them to realize how blessed they are to have a good family,

      > good home, etc. When they’ve seen kids come to us with third degree burns at

      > the hands of the parents, it makes it more difficult for them to complain

      > about losing a trampoline privilege!


      > The heartache comes when you’ve had these little ones in your care for 6

      > month, a year, or longer, and then the court returns them to bio parents who

      > are still crappy parents and you know the child won’t have an opportunity in

      > their life to do anything but stay in the welfare and drug circles.

      > ** Insane Mom to J, J, N, L, B, H, N, N, N, B, B, K, K, T, S, R

      > ages 29y – 15mo (but only 8+ kids at home now)

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