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      We aren’t going to be Foster parents right now after all. My daughter is having it hard and might need to stay here for a while if she can’t afford her apartment and all. She has a support order for her children but doesn’t get a dime. she had a baby on April 16th and went back to work when he was 5 weeks old since unemployment was’t enough to make it on. She has little for her baby and the jerk was suppose to help with that. Well good thing for the freecycle list and helps but she has to go to family to do her wash and wash often with little clothes for the kids and the baby is a spitter. I really feel for her. We just have to see what happens. She is suffering from anxiety right now since the baby and all.
      The private foster program we were going through makes sure that the family has enough to cover the childs expenses, all of them and still some for their service and hard work. So its a good program unlike many others that are a lot like people mention.


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      Yeah, but it’s anything BUT a windfall. It’s actuallyhard work, pain, heartachesometimes. I realize most states can not afford to make it financially rewarding. But if there was a way it should be done.



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