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      I am positive there are parents who are responsible and end up with kid in

      foster care… I wasn’t making a blanket statement. (foot in mouth

      again). Just that the foster kids I was familiar with came from drug homes

      where mom and dad were both heavy into drugs, were dangerously abusive to

      their babies, and really needed foster parents themselves. Except for one

      boy who was testing his oats as a teen by becoming violent to his disabled

      mom. She didn’t take two minutes of it – she dropped him at social services

      and said “I can’t have violence toward me in the home – goodbye.” He came

      home after a year totally changed. You never saw a nicer young man – he

      said he discovered how nice it was at home and didn’t want to leave again.

      On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 6:19 AM, Gail Moncivais <laywomen55@yahoo.com>wrote:

      > Hi Debbie I know there are a lot of people who have negative things to

      > say about foster parents but in my heart of hearts I wish you had been there

      > when my two youngest chidlren were in need of one. The whole incident

      > leading up to there being removed from my home left our family torn in two

      > and I think if they had had foster parents that I could work with and

      > understand it would have been a lot easier. I abided by everything the

      > syetem asked of me but the foster parents refused to even try different

      > things. I gave them there favorite recipes for dinner and even provided

      > them with a few things of soup that I knew they would like but the foster

      > parents tried to make my daughter eat things she had tried to eat before and

      > could not tolerate as well as my son. My daughter detests pork and pork

      > products and my son cannot tolerate eggs without becoming sick to his

      > stomach and they tried to force them to eat them. This was in Texas.




      > I know you will make a good foster parent and will do all you can to make a

      > loving safe enviornment for the children you have in your care.


      > Gail North east PA.

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