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      I guess things are really changing in the Foster care world. They have shortage of Foster families anymore for all the kids in need. Maybe that is why things are different but the foster family we are talking to have been in Foster care for over 2 years now and are doing great, The private foster care program pays enough to cover all expenses of the child and then some payment for the parents taking on the diffucult task, also the kids have allowances for clothing and all.

      They do well taking care of the children and having enough to cover what the foster mom lost giving up her job to stay home with her kids and the foster kids.


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      From what I have witnessed with my friends who have done this… (more than one family)

      The amount earned from foster parenting barely covers the cost of the child if that. Most of my friends ended up spending above and beyond the amount paid by the state. It’s awesome to take in a kid, but don’t look at it as a way to add income to your budget.

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