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      We will be going with smaller ones. the 0-6 year old range. I think babies are

      best to adjust with and they can learn the house rules ect. easier then older

      kids. I have toddler grand children and they come and boy are they busy with

      what they can get into, LOL. We have to baby and toddler proof the house. I just

      think back to my busy kids but never did they get into things like my almost 2

      year old grand daughter or my 3 year old grandson which is on meds making him

      worse. He has seizures, poor little guy.


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      From: Walker, Marybeth (labor)

      subject: re: : I got news

      Good luck to you! LOL! My husband and I are foster parents.

      We were in the

      same place as you, with 7 of our own children all grown up. A

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