Stuff I’d Like to See General I GOT A JOB!!!

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      whew…its temp to perm but it is doing exactly what I want at almost the pay I was hoping for. now if I can get through the next 3 months and get hired full time.

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      Congratulations!! Good Luck! Thanks; Virginia

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      Thank you Virginia! please keep your fingers crossed for me to get hired full time. 🙂

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      That is great! Good Luck!

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      Thank you, the only bad part of having a job I cant be on here as often and I don’t get to come up with good recipes except on weekends. 🙁

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      How is your new job working out for you? Are things going well?

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      It has been a month today and it hardly feels like I have been off of work. This the ideal job for me. The people are great and the work is fun.

      Thank you very much for asking.

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      Great to hear that it is working. Still have my fingers crossed for it to become full time. You are in my prayers, also.

      Thanks; Virginia

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      Thank you Virginia, I have about 2 months before I find out if I get full time. I will keep you all posted. I try to keep my fingers crossed but I find it hard to type.


Viewing 8 reply threads
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Stuff I’d Like to See General I GOT A JOB!!!