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      lately,I have been writting about how my 10 year old is being bullied

      and looking for advice and help in this area for him. But today I

      have gotten a diffrent view on this. This week is VBS and today,when

      I went to pick him up,I spoke to his teacher to ask how he did? She

      said he did well but he kept saying he didn’t want to be here today.

      I thought that was odd as he was excited to go this morning,so as we

      were walking to the car,I asked him whats was going on? He said every

      church I go to they always pick on me! I asked him were they calling

      you names or hitting you? He said both. I asked him if he told the

      teachers and he said no. I then asked was there anything that you may

      have done to make the kids upset and have them pick on you? He said

      no. So I made a call to the church when I got home, and they said

      they would look into it and get back with me. And they did! The

      children’s pastor was kind of hateful and made me think by the tone

      of his voice that it was all my sons fault. He said that he talked

      with the teachers as well as some other people,and said that my son

      called this boy a looser and then when he did an art project he wrote

      the childs name and wrote “is a looser” as well! The children’s

      pastor said he didn’t know if the boy started it when they first

      arrived,but the teachers said that my son started it.Now by no means

      do I think my son is innocent in all this,as like the pastor stated

      it takes two. But then he said I wouldn’t worry about it,this is

      typical of 4th grade boys(he doesn’t understand that this happens all

      the time to my son.) Now I’m wondering how much of this is actually

      my sons fault? and how do i go about settling/fixing it? the worst

      part is my son will not listen to anything i try to explain to him! i

      have told him it is never ok to call anyone any names,and if the

      child does call you a name first,it is never ok to call him one

      back,you are to tell the teacher immediatly! he told me that he

      couldn’t tell the teacher.i asked him why,he said he didn’t know why

      he just couldnt.i am wondering if he thinks it will get worse if he

      tells?? no matter how much i talk to him,i don’t think he is

      listening or getting the message across,its like a block comes in his

      head latley when i tell him anything! like when i was talking to him

      on what he should do and how he should respond,all he can say is my

      head hurts! also my son seems to react when it rains,does any of your

      kids act diffrently when it rains? by no means is this an excuse but

      could of played in a part of him wanting to come home!also,some other

      strange things have been going on,my child acts like he’s never been

      to any store in his life! as soon as he gets to the entrence,he zooms

      in the store! before i can even blink he is gone! i have no idea

      where he is,then when i catch up with him,i again explain all the

      dangers and how he has to stay with me,again i feel like i’m not

      getting through and then he does it again or he’ll just run off when

      i’m about to leave the store,and i have to go up and down the isles

      to find him! one time he even thought it was a game and started to go

      around theisles in a cirle trying to get away from me following him!

      he once told me that he is almost a teenage and teenagers don’t have

      to stay by their moms all the time in the store! i told him until you

      are an offical teen ager then we can pick up on this conversation

      again,in the mean time you have to come with me,then its like he

      would do things,like pausing/stopping to delay time to go with me! i

      don’t know what to do,everything i say to him,he gets defiant and

      very stubborn and just doesnt listen. how do you guys handle this?

      especailly the bullying situation? i want my son to treat people with

      respect and not call them names but how can i get that through to

      him? i at this point am so lost,he has had an awful week,and i know

      me correcting him all the time,i must be sending him awful messages

      about himself and i hate that he thinks hes not worthy as he is

      worthy,so much so! help!

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