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      I’m not big on drugging kids, but even if you just get a medical explanation

      it can help you to deal with it mentally.

      And I have seen meds do wonders. My friend’s little brother was horrid

      until they got him on meds. trouble was, he grew up drug dependent and died

      in a drug/alcohol related accident. so, in the long run, it was not such a

      good choice. with my son, he did not sleep on the meds, did not eat, got

      skinny and sluggish and performed even worse in school.

      sometimes our brains are just wired differently. if you had a library, see

      if you can get “right brain, left brain” by jeffry freed (i might have the

      name spelled wrong). i swear i have adhd and it is not a disability – it is

      a gift because my brain processes differently. but it takes a different way

      of dealing.

      on wed, jul 9, 2008 at 12:37 PM, melinda irvin <>


      > At first glance you son appears to be the one doing the bullying instead

      > of the one being picked on. After reading more I have a few questions.

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