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      Ann has great points. Good post. My input is simply: He is a boy!! I

      have raised all boys. They hit 10, and you are no longer a person,

      female, or woman. You are simply a mom, whose whole purpose in life

      is to take care of his needs without the other guys knowing you have

      a mom. Two of my boys were getting bored in a craft store and

      decided to hold hands, sing and skip down the aisles. Why? Because

      that is what boys do! Your reaction and hand wringing is what they

      are waiting for, so don’t sweat the small stuff. The more you fuss

      over every word they say, they have won the battle. Pick your

      battles, as this war will continue for many more years.

      This is what guys do. Sneaking the cat in the microwave, playing

      with matches, inventing bigger speakers, raw egg fight, calling each

      other names. It means nothing, just a boy growing up. I am surprised

      your pastor was acting like a jerk, as I am sure he did the exact

      same stuff as a kid. So don’t freak out, and get used to the boy

      answer: “I dunno.” Anna


      > At 02:22 PM 7/9/2008, you wrote:

      > >I at this point am so lost,he has had an awful week,and I know

      > >me correcting him all the time,I must be sending him awful


      > >about himself and I hate that he thinks hes not worthy as he is

      > >worthy,so much so! HELP!

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