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      At first glance you son appears to be the one doing the bullying instead of the

      one being picked on. After reading more I have a few questions. Have you tested

      your son for bipolar? adhd? odd or add?

      my daughter is bipolar and acts a lot

      like your son and has to take medicine daily to behave properly. have you

      considered he may have some phsychological disorder ? it does not reflect on you

      and you are not a bad parent. it can be so simple as a chemical the brain lacks.

      i don’t want to suggest the worst yet until you explore these but remember that

      every bully is someone’s beloved child and every crimminal was once a troubled

      child too.

      — on wed, 7/9/08, maria <> wrote:

      From: maria <>

      Subject: : I dont know what to do(long)

      date: wednesday, july 9, 2008, 3:22 PM

      lately,I have been writting about how my 10 year old is being bullied

      and looking for advice and help in this area for him. But today I

      have gotten a diffrent view on this.

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