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      Make sure there’s some praise in with that correcting. Plus, the way

      you are correcting makes a big difference. “We don’t talk that way,

      that is not a word to use” is totally different than “Don’t use that

      word, only stupid people use it.” So, watch your wording. In fact,

      it might be a help to tape what you say, then listen to it

      later. There’s no problem with going back and saying to your son, “I

      didn’t mean to sound like that. I should have said it this

      way.” Reassure him that you are proud of him, but that the way he is

      acting is upsetting you. I know I’ve heard “I love you, but not the

      way you acted.” several times when I was young, and it focused on the

      way I was acting, not my myself as a person.

      Ann in Arkansas

      At 02:22 PM 7/9/2008, you wrote:

      >I at this point am so lost,he has had an awful week,and I know

      >me correcting him all the time,I must be sending him awful messages

      >about himself and I hate that he thinks hes not worthy as he is

      >worthy,so much so! HELP!

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