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      I too am sorry for your loss and that you are having

      to deal with this crap on top of losing your husband.

      If I were you I would call your local news stations

      and have them do a story on it. They are able to put

      a stop to it better than the BBB sometimes. Reporting

      it to the BBB won’t do much unless people actually

      look up the business before using it. Well obviously

      they are contacting people so those people wouldn’t

      even find out that they were turned into the BBB

      before they are scammed as well. I am not saying to

      NOT report it, because you should. But sometimes you

      will find out that a company has 100s of complaints


      Anyway, please don’t let them get away with this. The

      reason they have been able to do it in the past is

      because people give up and just pay them or not report

      them because its easier.


      — Chateau Chabot <frugal-living@chateauchabot.com>


      > I’m sorry for your loss.


      > I’m not sure of the laws for your state, but I don’t

      > believe he can

      > charge you anything unless he told you up front at

      > the beginning of

      > the conversation that his “services” were chargable

      > and you agreed to

      > the terms and rate.


      > I would contact the better business bureau and

      > report both the person

      > who you talked to at the donation office and the

      > person she referred

      > you to. If this woman is working for a charitable

      > organization, she is

      > obligated to not do anything that will cause harm to

      > the charity name

      > and reputation. Calling the BBB should be free and

      > who knows, they

      > could already have other calls on file. I would also

      > call the charity

      > and let them know what this person is doing by

      > referring clients to

      > this man. She may be getting around their recording

      > by stating he is a

      > “funeral director” and making it seem legit. You

      > will be helping

      > protect others from their scam as well.


      > If you gave out any financial information such as

      > bank names,

      > accounts, etc. be sure to contact your bank and let

      > them know that you

      > are not authorizing these people to touch your

      > money, that they got

      > your information fraudulantly. Be pro-active. Better

      > to be safe and

      > warn everyone up front than to fight for your money

      > back should

      > something happen down the road.


      > I’m sorry that you had to go through this at all but

      > during such a

      > sad, stressful time is just terrible and speaks

      > volumes about the

      > character of such people involved.


      > Thanks for sharing your story with us.

      > AJ





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