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      Mary, I’m so sorry for your loss! I lost my father to (it was sudden)lung cancer last easter sunday.

      I would write a certified letter to the Tissue Doner Organization detailing the conversation and her recommendation to the
      funeral “planner” and detail your conversation with him and let them know he told you he would be billing you $250.00 “after” he spoke with you.
      The donation center may not know this “planner” is doing this.

      I would also send a letter, perhaps the same letter to said “planner” stating he used unfair practices and heshould have given you the option to “opt” out of his so called “services”.
      He should have told you up front that he has fees and for that matter so should the donation center, both should have told you that it would cost x amount of $$ and given you the option to say no thanks, instead of taking advantage of a grieving widow. Tell them you will not be paying any such bill for his “so called” advice/services and they should have told you up front about any fees.
      Tell them that you may report him/them to the BBB and post about their unfair practices on the net, if they don’t dismiss this so called bill!
      Certify both letters, return receipt requested.

      Again i’m so sorry for your loss!!
      Elizabeth Farnsworth

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      > My husband died of a heart attack Wednesday afternoon. The Tissue
      > Donor Organization called asking if I was willing to donate his
      > tissue.<< I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.

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