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      So very sorry for your loss.

      I definately would not pay a consultant anything if they did not tell

      me upfront that it was a paid service.

      It sounds like someone trying to take advantage, or like the donor

      service did not know there was a fee, and the consultant thought you

      already were informed of it or something.

      I agree with the others that you should compose a couple of letters

      and send them certified, informing them that the practices are unfair

      and that you are not paying for a service you were not aware you

      would be billed for.

      I am hoping things go as smoothly for you as possible at this

      horrific time and wishing that healing comes quickly for you as you

      go through this.


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Mary” wrote:


      > Everyone


      > If this post is not allowed I apologize.


      > I have always been a lurker. But I would like to warn everyone out

      > there not to be as dumb as I was.


      > My husband died of a heart attack Wednesday afternoon. The Tissue

      > Donor Organization called asking if I was willing to donate his


      > tissue. I said yes because I am firm believer in tissue and organ

      > donation. I answered all the questions (the phone calls are

      > recorded). The girl was very polite and helpful.


      > About ten minutes later she called back to give me the name of a

      > funeral “planner” who could be helpful to me and would help me save

      > money.


      > Well, I called him and he explained some of my options. He gave me

      > name of a funeral home. Asked me who recommended his name. Then


      > he would be sending me a $250 bill for his services. Of course he


      > nice enough to say I could make payments.


      > Please do not be taken in by this person and warn your friends and

      > loved ones.


      > No, I will NOT be paying him anything!


      > DO NOT let this turn you against donations they benefit so many

      > people, just be careful.


      > If you would like to verify this story send me a private email and


      > will give you his phone number.


      > Mary

      > m_c_rodg@…


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