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      My sympathies for your loss and it really is sad that people would take

      advantage of people at this time of their lives.


      From: Mary <m_c_rodg@yahoo.com>

      Date: 2008/01/26 Sat AM 07:39:04 CST

      To: Budget101_@yahoogroups.com

      Subject: Budget101.com : I AM SO UPSET


      If this post is not allowed I apologize.

      I have always been a lurker. But I would like to warn everyone out

      there not to be as dumb as I was.

      My husband died of a heart attack Wednesday afternoon. The Tissue

      Donor Organization called asking if I was willing to donate his body

      tissue. I said yes because I am firm believer in tissue and organ

      donation. I answered all the questions (the phone calls are

      recorded). The girl was very polite and helpful.

      About ten minutes later she called back to give me the name of a

      funeral “planner” who could be helpful to me and would help me save


      Well, I called him and he explained some of my options. He gave me

      name of a funeral home. Asked me who recommended his name. Then said

      he would be sending me a $250 bill for his services. Of course he was

      nice enough to say I could make payments.

      Please do not be taken in by this person and warn your friends and

      loved ones.

      No, I will NOT be paying him anything!

      DO NOT let this turn you against donations they benefit so many

      people, just be careful.

      If you would like to verify this story send me a private email and I

      will give you his phone number.



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