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      Hi from out West :wave:! My name is Sheri and I am a married, menopausal, empty nester, mom to a spoiled fur baby, and love to save, save, save,:deals: cause I love to shop, shop,shop but only if it is a sale or a huge bargain ! It is like a hobby with me ! Looking forward to being here and learning more $$$ saving tips from you all ! two cents

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      Hi there Lady! Welcome to the boards. Feel free to jump in anytime you like in any of the forums. I tend to bounce around alot. If you like deals check out the Sizzlin Hot Deals board, that forum is too cool!

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      I am new to this so I could use a little help. How do you get to the Sizzlin Board and how to you use it?:004:

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      Welcome Sheri. Well you have come to the right place here. You will find alottttt of deals on this site. The savings are super, remember to look at back postings. And everything is up to date. Enjoy.

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      Welcometo the site Sheri. You will love it, I have already learned so much and everyday seem to find something new. Everyone is so friendly and very, very helpful. Enjoy,

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      Hello! Welcome to the family!! ^_^

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      Hello from Canada….Glad to meet you!

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      Welcome, you’re in the right place because we all like to save and find ways to be more frugal. You’ll find lots of helpful information here.

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      Welcome to the site, feel free to share your tips as well!

Viewing 8 reply threads
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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie Intro’s I am a Saving Addict !