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      There are several pets in our family… 4 pitbull dogs, a cockatiel, and a ball python. The only one we have trouble with is one of our dogs.

      He is a 7 month old pit bull (gotti and gaff)… He is super hyper, and like to jump on you and does not listen to direction. He is a big dog, very short because he is a terrier, but very thick and broad (weighing close to 90lbs).

      He used to do well with his training, until he had a broken leg and was kept at the vet clinic for 2 months. Now, I cannot do anything with him. I joke all the time saying he is like one of the kids; doesn’t pay me any never mind, but is a perfect angel with my husband…

      Any ideas?

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      Take him away from the other dogs and work with him for 10-15 minutes twice a day. Make sure that you have 1 on 1 time with him. Figure out what “treat” he likes the best, when I was training my dog, I used pepperoni slices. To this day if I say pup-peroni he will come barreling into the house wiggling all over.

      Work on basic commands (sit, stay, down) with him until he starts listening again. He’s just learned some bad habits. If he jumps up on you or barks, etc, turn your back to him and ignore him until he’s calm. Let him learn that you’re No Fun when he’s misbehaving.

      Good luck with him, pitties are wonderful dogs with big hearts.

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      Take him for walks before trying to work with him…it will help him release some of his excess energy and he’ll be more willing to listen. You can also get those backpacks for dogs and put bottles of water in it. The weight will help him release the energy with less walking time.

      Make him work for everything!

      He must sit quietly before even receiving a pat on the head–before eating, going outside–everything. And keep your own energy level and voice low, calm and monotoned when dealing with him. Being an excitable dog, it doesn’t take much to ramp up that energy.

      Good luck!

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