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      I have used full strength ( 3%) peroxide in my mounth many times. I occaisionally bite the inside of my mouth . A break in the skin inside of the mouth gets infected very easily.

      When this happens ,I swish with peroxide 2 – 3 times a day for a couple of days.
      We also occaisionaly brush our teeth with a toothbrush that has been soaked in full strength peroxide then sprinkled with baking soda. This really gets the stains off.

      We also use it undiluted in our ears , when we start to get swimmers ear. This only works for swimmers( outer ear ) infection, it will not work for middle or inner ear infections.


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      first: some sites say can use as a mouthwash; another site contained
      this info: do not ever use 3% hydrogen peroxide in your mouth as it is
      to strong unless diluted folks! it’s #1 purpose currently is being used
      in teeth whitening products so it is safe to use in your mouth diluted
      at least by 1/2. For the best toothpaste available: mix baking soda
      with enough diluted peroxide to make a paste; just a couple of drops is
      all you will need: remember: hydrogen peroxide breaks down with light:
      so only use the amount you need at the moment keeping stored in the
      dark bottle it comes in.

      i simply put a small amount 1/4th cup straight
      into the toilet & it worked fantastically; far better than comet or any
      other cleaner I have ever used.

      My daughter said she has used straight
      baking soda as comet to scrub & it works well to; I am thinking the
      combination of paste could be well used to “scrub” as well; baking
      powder & hydrogen peroxide; then spray bath & shower with combo sprays
      of hydrogen peroxide & vinegar to disinfect; I have MOPPED with small
      amount of white vinegar & water; while it does have a “vinegar” smell
      (slightly) to it while mopping & wet, it disappears completely once
      dried); It works fantastically.***replace your normal astringent with
      3% hydrogen peroxide to help clear up some cases of acne.****

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