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      1/2 box Jiffy Corn muffin mix
      1/2 box Jiffy Biscuit mix
      1 small onion or onion flakes
      1 egg
      1/2 to 3/4 c milk

      mix all ingredients, set aside to let rise about one hour. do not stir again.
      deep fry until golden brown.

      a fish fry just wouldn’t be the same without some good ol southern hush puppies. this recipe was submitted by vergie schoenborn in a campground recipe booklet and i haven’t used any other recipe since tasting hers.

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      Why is the recipe only a 1/2 box? How many Hush Puppies does the recipe make?

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      this makes enought for a family of 4 or 5, you drop teaspoons full into hot grease, so depending on the size I usually get around 20 or so.

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      We love Hush Puppies. DH makes up a big batch of them & we freeze the extras. We take a few out & heat in the oven ( still frozen, wrapped in foil) with what ever meat we are having.


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      Sounds good. Will try them.

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      I think I will try them also….thanks!!

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      thank you. hubby loves hush puppies

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      ooh, Niddi, you have my mouth watering! I miss my southern food!

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      rtebalt, hope you get to come down for the holidays?? fill up on southern food then and make a New Years resolution to take off all the pounds you packed on.

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      Actually, we’re staying in Pa for Christmas, but my parents are coming up. (I’m still hoping for a white Christmas. 🙂 )

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