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      My husband asked me to post this.


      Maybe you could put this up for discussion on your tightwad message
      board, or at least let’s talk about it.

      1990 Honda Accord. Paid for.

      It requires NYS inspection by end of July 2003. It will fail the
      inspection because it needs the following:

      Problem/Replacement Cost

      1.) Windshield/New $300/Used $183(if can find at Junk Yard, Kneer’s
      didn’t have one).

      2.) Springs/Both $250 (recommended)/One $110

      3.) One Tire/$80

      Total: $363 – $630

      The car has 201K miles on it. So it is due for Timing Belt/Water Pump
      replacement. The preventive maintenance will cost ~ $525.

      Insurance is a little complicated. Because I have two cars on the
      road, I get a 25% discount. But I pay $700/6 months or ~$1400 per
      yr. From the $700 total, $383 is the Honda policy. If I take the
      Honda off the road I lose the 25% discount, so the insurance for the
      one car becomes not $317 (700-383) but $455. The savings is (700-
      455) $245/6 months or $490/yr. The Insurance bill due at the
      beginning of July is $700.

      To keep this car on the road, it will cost me $1291 – $1538 over the
      next 3 months. And this is for the problems I know about. If I
      take the car off the road, I save the above amount plus $245.

      Will it cost more than $1500 to replace it? I have no doubt that the
      insurance for a replacement would be higher. And I don’t think it is
      possible to get a reliable car for < $1500 that doesn't require
      sinking money into it. At least with the Honda I know the brakes,
      exhaust, CV, alternator are okay.

      We live in a (very) rural area. My commute is 45 min one way @ 23
      miles. Is it unreasonable to have one car for the family? We have
      a 15 yr old and an 8 year old. What if the one car breaks down.
      It’s a 1998 Windstar. Doctors’ appts, piano lessons etc. all during
      the day. Who makes the sacrifice of not having the car during the
      day. I don’t live on a bus route, No one in my area works near where
      I do.

      Would a tightwad take this car off the road?


      I’m going to add that we have $2,900 in our savings. Dan brings in
      $3,200/month and so far this month we will have approximately $200
      left over if we are very careful.

      We had a couple of steep bills, and can look forward to more in the
      next couple of months, including the car insurance bill. We are
      trying to pay off our credit card debt of $3,900.

      I am willing to drive him to work, and pick him up, if I need the car
      for the day, but I am a little concerned about emergencies. There
      have been a couple of times a few years ago when we didn’t have a
      second car for a couple of weeks and it worked out fine. The second
      car was being repaired.

      I can plan shopping trips around the piano lesson or scheduled
      doctors’ appointments.

      We homeschool, so I don’t have to pick my children up from school for
      any reason. If a senior citizen luncheon is planned during the week
      for church, I can get someone to pick my daughter up.

      If Dan travels, he can rent a car, and his employer will reimburse
      him for it.

      I should also tell you my husband is angling for a brand new Honda
      that will cost approximately $16,000 after sales tax, etc. :o)

      I don’t mind too much, but I’m a little concerned that our budget and
      spending is already a little tight and there won’t be anything in our
      savings. When he traveled extensively we always had extra money.
      He got a promotion and travels rarely now.

      He bought this Honda used for $4,500 and he has done very well with
      it. I’d like him to do it again.


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