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      Howdy All,

      My name is Laurie and I joined the group just a week ago. I have
      been enjoying reading all the e-mails.

      A little about me… :o) We live in Texas. I am a proud mother of
      2 yo & a 15 yo (both girls). I have been married for almost 17 yo,
      to an AWESOME guy!!

      I joined the group because I will be taking over handling the
      finances next month. So I am trying to look for ways to cut our
      spending as much as possible. Trying to get our of “crisis mode
      finances”, which is where we are right now.

      Now to my question, my sister asked me to be her maid of honor last
      year and I was excited therefore quickly said yes….well we were
      financial hit hard through several events…My sisters wedding is at
      the end of next month I need to (1.)buy 2 dresses 1 for my daughter
      and 1 for me (2.) I am responsible for throwing her a shower in 2
      1/2 weeks.

      Question: Does anyone have any advise on how to throw a inexpensive
      bridal shower? “party

      I am looking forward to receiving any wisdom you may have…

      Many Thanks,

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Holidays & Special Occasions Wedding Events Howdy & Wedding Question